9 GIAP squad rules.
All pilots shall read, understand and comply with the Squadron Code of Conduct.
  • 9 GIAP has no limitations on age, sex, nationality, or country of residence for pilots who join the squad. Due to AH squad size limits, not all applicants will be accepted. Squad CO makes final decisions on recruitment issues.
  • 9 GIAP flys for the "Bishops" in the Aces High Main Arena. Switching to other countries while a member of 9 GIAP is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. If a pilot switches countries by accident, that pilot shall log off and not play in the Main Arena until he is able to switch back to Bishops. Violation of this rule is grounds for pilot ejection from squad. Pilots in reserve or on vacation may fly for other countries and squads: See below.
  • When a pilot is in other Aces High arenas, or when participating in AH events, a pilot may be part of other squadrons and fly for other countries.
  • While 9 GIAP is a virtual "Soviet" historical fighter squadron, it has no restrictions on planes pilots fly in Aces High. Training and event participation are "Soviet" oriented whenever possible, though.
  • Pilots cannot be forced to fly in squad missions, use specific planes, act under someone's command or as someone's wingman, join AH events as a part of squad, etc. However, if a pilot decides to join squad missions or events, he shall obey the mission chain of command, plane set, rules of combat etc.
  • A pilot may apply to the squad CO for, and be granted a vacation from the squad. It is not uncommon for a pilot to want to fly for another country, or with another squadron for a period of time etc., so a pilot may be granted a vacation for these purposes. In such a case, a pilot is removed from the squad in MA for up to one month. His slot in the squad is reserved for him for one month. If, after one month, the pilot decides to return to 9 GIAP, he will inform the squad CO of his decision and will be accepted to the squad again. Pilots shall not receive more than one month of total vacation time during a calendar year.
  • A pilot who feels he has very little interest or time to fly may be moved to reserve either by his will or by the decision of squad CO. Those pilots will free a slot in squad, but will have a priority for a free slot in case they decide to fly actively again.
  • There is a 2 week trial period for each pilot who joins the squad. During this period the pilot flys with the squad, but is not subscribed to the squad email list. The Pilot becomes a squad member only after the end of the trial period and a squad vote.
  • Pilots shall underake basic training and pass the basic "Private" tests within 3 months of joining the squadron.

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