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  • We do not accept applications from people who are still on the free 2 week trial.
  • Do not apply twice for squad membership; if you have applied before, were rejected, and wish to reapply, please contact the squad CO personally. If you are an active squad pilot and want to change your information use the members area.
  • Make sure you read and agree with the Squad Rules and Code of conduct.
  • Only fields which are underlinded and marked with * must be filled in, other fields are optional.
  • Please provide us with correct information. We base our decision on both personal experience and the information you provide. Be advised, that the information you provide is being sent to the squad email list, so all pilots can review and vote. If you do not want this information to be available to all squad pilots, please contact the squad CO personally.
  • After the information is submitted you will recieve a confirmational email. Your submission will be reviewed by the squad command stuff, and as soon as a decision is made you will get email notification. You may be accepted, rejected, or put on the waiting/watch list.
  • We offer no guarantee that you will be accepted to the squad, that your submission will be reviewed, as well as we do not offer any guarantee that we will ever explain the reasons for our decisions.
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