9 GIAP code of conduct.
  • Squad pilots shall not use abusive/foul language during game chat, voice or text, or on AH forums; Any racial, national, or sexually abusive remarks are strictly prohibited. Failure to comply with this rule will result in the pilot being ejected from the squad.
    Other rules are more recommendations, than strict rules to follow, but read them, following them will help you to get respect both for yourself and your squadron from other AH players:
  • Always remember that you are a part of your squad, so everything you say or do is seen as an action of both you and your squad.
  • Take the defeat easily, as a valuable experience and grounds for future progress.
  • If you are frustrated, try to use your frustration to improve your skills. If your anger goes beyond your control, log off. Next morning you will see it differently.
  • If you are the target of insulting remarks from another player, generous humour and avoidance of conflict are essential.
  • We have no enemies in this game, only opponents. Always remember that AH is a game.
  • Do not forget to send salute.
  • If you have offended someone, be ready to apologise. Ability to see your mistakes and admit them shows strength, not weakness.

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